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How To Handle A Traffic Warrant

Most drivers know the frustration of getting pulled over, being handed a traffic warrant, and wondering what to do next. Being unfamiliar with the process for responding to a traffic warrant can be a scary situation. 

What is a Traffic Warrant?

Traffic warrants are legal documents issued by a court that allow law enforcement officers to arrest those who fail to show up in court for a scheduled hearing.Traffic warrants are typically issued when a driver has failed to comply with an earlier court ruling or has broken the law. Ignoring traffic warrants can lead to consequences such as fines and time behind bars.

Potential Consequences of Ignoring a Traffic Warrant

If an individual fails to respond to a traffic warrant, they may be subject to the following:

  • Further punishments and increased legal costs.
  • Suspended driving privileges. 
  • Police arrest or bench arrests after their license has been suspended and they are pulled over by a law enforcement officer. 
  • Increases in fines and penalties.
  • Additional administrative costs. 

How Do You Handle a Traffic Warrant?

Ignoring a traffic warrant is ill-advised, as it can lead to potentially costly repercussions and even time in jail. It is essential for motorists to make informed decisions about how to best handle a traffic warrant. Failing to take appropriate legal action can lead to serious repercussions. 

Are You Innocent?

Even if you didn’t commit the alleged infraction, taking action to address the warrant is still necessary. If you are fairly certain that you are innocent of any wrongdoing, then hiring an attorney to fight your traffic warrant can help establish your innocence. It is smart to address any issues concerning a traffic warrant with an experienced traffic attorney immediately in order to avoid potential long-term issues with their driving record and increased financial penalties. 

Are You Guilty?

If you did commit the infraction a reputable attorney can advise you on how to best resolve the warrant in your specific case. An experienced traffic attorney will work to resolve the warrant to have the fewest points on your license, avoid hefty fines or penalties, and reduce the chances of increased insurance premiums. Taking responsibility for your actions can help demonstrate to the court your commitment to safe driving practices. Addressing a traffic warrant promptly and properly can result in better outcomes rather than risking more serious penalties down the line. 

The consequences of a traffic warrant vary depending on the state and severity of the infraction. 

Common consequences include: 

  • Monetary fines. 
  • Community service hours.
  • Drivers license suspension.
  • Drivers license revocation. 
  • Jail time. 

Why Hire a Local Attorney?

Hiring a local attorney with the expertise to address and respond to a traffic warrant appropriately is absolutely essential for protecting your rights and long term interests. A local traffic attorney has the needed experience with area laws and understanding the various violations. They will represent you by gathering evidence that supports your innocence and building a strong argument on your behalf. If you are guilty of the charges they’ll be able to better negotiate penalties and can often reduce sentences or fines through plea agreements. 


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