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We focus on helping clients resolve traffic issues in a timely and beneficial manner.

Resolving Traffic Issues Effectively

Affordable Rates

Protecting Your Rights

Traffic Related Situations Can Cause You Problems

  • Pleading guilty to a simple speeding ticket can raise insurance rates by up to 25%
  • Complex traffic situations (years of unpaid tickets, suspended license, etc) hurt employment opportunities, financial need, and more.
  • We help individuals with complex traffic situations to give them a "fresh start"


Whether it's a speeding ticket, driving with a suspended license, running a red light, or any other moving violation, we can help.

A DUI or a DWI conviction is a life-changing event. We can provide the representation you need to mount a strong defense.

Wrecked vehicle, minor or major injuries, who's at fault? Let our experienced attorneys help protect your rights.

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Why Hire An Attorney?

There are many benefits to working with an attorney when you’re trying to navigate a legal situation in St. Charles County. Whether it's a speeding ticket, a DUI, or any other type of ticket, an experienced traffic law attorney can help. At St. Louis Traffic Ticket Fix, we focus on helping our clients resolve traffic issues in a timely and beneficial manner. Each case is given our undivided attention. We'll take the time to thoroughly understand the details of your situation so that we can offer the right solutions. Our priority is to help you protect your rights. We work with clients in St. Charles, Lincoln, Warren, and St. Louis Counties.

Keeping Lines of Communication Open

 We understand that dealing with the aftermath of a traffic ticket can be stressful, and we’re ready to help. We want our clients to feel comfortable and ask any questions they have about their cases. Our goal is to offer friendly service in a relaxed environment.

At St. Louis Traffic Ticket Fix, we aim to remove the stress from working with a traffic lawyer in St. Charles County. Our rates are affordable, and we want you to have a positive experience working with us. Give our office a call today to set up a consultation.


We have a 3 step process for initiating a traffic ticket


Discuss the ticket or charge


We develop a plan / strategy to handle the matter


We execute the plan and keep our client informed as the case progresses.

What Our Clients Have To Say...

Saundra Baker

Called to get advice on a minor offense. The prices were so reasonable it made me question whether or not this place was legitimate. The legal assistant was extremely professional and kind. He took the time to explain everything so that I had no concerns for what would happen next. I contacted Traffic Law Stop, and they charged triple what these people charged for my offense. So don’t go anywhere else. Come here they will treat you with respect and dignity, and you won’t be charged out the Wazoo.

Danielle Pierie

These guys were quick, efficient and fairly priced. $50 for my speeding ticket was so much cheaper than what I have paid in the past! Everyone was friendly and nice, would definitely recommend!

Andrew Barro

Took care of all my needs. Very communicative and great client service.


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