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Keep Your License Clean, Take Care of your Speeding Ticket

Nobody likes to get hit with a speeding ticket. Almost everyone has been pulled over at one point or another. Chances are that you have been issued a ticket for Speeding. When you receive the citation, one option is to simply pay the fine and be done with it. Doing so will take care of the ticket, but the problem is that the infraction will remain on your driving record. This can cause a problem on your license renewal, or may cause an immediate problem with keeping your license.(depending on how many tickets you have). And of course the ticket will also affect your automobile insurance by placing ‘points’ against your driving record. As these points accumulate, your insurance premium will raise as result, costing you more and more each month to maintain your required auto coverage.

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Don’t settle for having your insurance go up and your license being in jeopardy! Our St. Louis based traffic law firm is ready to defend you against the high fees and increased insurance rates that come with traffic tickets. We’ll review all of the facts of your case and build an appropriate defense. We are committed to providing each of our clients with the most effective legal representation.

Between the points on your license, the traffic violation fee, and the increased monthly insurance rate, admitting guilt by paying your ticket proves costly in the long run. Let us defend your rights and protect your driving record. Our law office is on your side. Schedule an appointment with us if you have been ticketed for.

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