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Dealing With a Speeding Ticket

Nobody likes to get hit with a speeding ticket. While it may not seem like it initially, the most critical part about receiving a speeding ticket is what you do after the ticket has been written. You could sign the back of the document and mail in the associated fine. This at least takes care of the ticket and ensures there won’t be a warrant issued for your arrest. But doing this could open you up to further consequences. Before deciding what to do with a traffic ticket, speaking to an experienced attorney is essential.

How to Fight a Speeding Ticket

Before you pay a speeding ticket and move on, you must talk to an experienced traffic law attorney. They can explain the consequences and help you reach a more favorable outcome. Here are a few ways an attorney can help:

  • Reduce the ticket to a non-moving violation
  • Reduce or eliminate the points associated with the ticket
  • If the officer who issued the ticket does not show up in court, the ticket may be dismissed.

We can help you keep your driving record clean and your insurance rates low. The attorneys at St. Louis Traffic Ticket Fix help individuals with complex traffic situations get a fresh start. If you have years of unpaid tickets, a suspended license, or any other traffic-related problem, call us at 636-685-0440 to discuss your situation.

Affordable and Experienced Lawyers at a Good Price

By signing a speeding ticket and paying the fine, you plead guilty to the charges. But if you do this, the state can place points on your driving record. These points can lead to higher insurance costs. If you receive multiple speeding tickets, it could lead to the loss of your driving privileges. Losing your license due to too many points isn’t something anybody wants. Getting your license back can be a hassle, and driving without a license can lead to even more significant legal consequences.

Working with the experienced traffic law attorneys at St. Louis Traffic Ticket Fix can help you reach a much better outcome. Our goal is to negotiate a settlement with the local prosecutor and get the moving violation (speeding ticket) changed to a non-moving violation.  A non-moving violation adds no points to your driving record and therefore keeps your auto insurance in check. Call us at 636-685-0440 to discuss your case.

St. Peters, Missouri

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