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What To Do With A Speeding Ticket

Nobody likes to get hit with a speeding ticket. While it may not seem like it initially, the most important part about receiving a speeding ticket St Peters Missouri, is what you do after the ticket has been written.  You could sign the back of the document and mail in the associated fine.  This at least takes care of the ticket, and makes sure there won’t be any warrant out against you. But this definitely is not what you want to do, unless you want certain consequences.

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By Signing the speeding ticket St Peters and paying the fine, you are pleading guilty to the charges. But if you do this, it allows the state to place points on your driving record.  “Points” can lead to higher insurance, and if the problem gets bad enough it can cause a full loss of your ability to driving.  Losing your license as a result of too many points isn’t something that anybody wants. Getting your license back can be a hassle, and driving without a license can lead to an even bigger problem. 

But the experienced and affordable St Peters, Missouri, speeding ticket attorneys at The Law Office of Melissa Featherston can help you get a much better outcome. Our goal is to negotiate a settlement with the local prosecutor, and get the moving violation (speeding ticket) changed to a non-moving violation.  A non-moving violation adds no points to your driving record, and therefore keeps your auto insurance in check.

The Law Office of Melissa Featherston can be found in the heart of St. Peters, to be a central location to all of St. Charles County. However, we also have plenty of experience with the local prosecutors in the St. Louis County side of the river as well. We are located at 1270 Jungerman Road Suite A, 63376. We provide free consultations no matter what your traffic issue may be, so don’t hesitate to call or e-mail us today!

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St Peters has a great quality of life here and has been named one of the top 100 Best Places to Live in America by Money® Magazine. With 25 parks totaling 1,283 acres, including the 500-acre 370 Lakeside Park, outstanding schools, friendly neighborhoods, a thriving arts community and Cultural Arts Centre, award-winning recycling program, world-class St. Peters Rec-Plex and abundant shopping, St Peters is a great place to live, work and play, and will continue to work hard to keep it’s status as one of the top communities in America.

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